Tirian Mink Resume

Here is a link to a downloadable version of my resume: Tirian Mink Resume

(updated April 2011)


Experience in generating information that supports the manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies for households at the “bottom of the pyramid.” Extensive expertise in improved cookstoves, LED lighting systems and other household [...]

Summer of Stoves (1/3)


In June of 2010 I flew out of Portland, Oregon on a one-way ticket to Mexico City. I bought a one-way ticket, not because I was planning on staying in Mexico forever, but rather because I didn’t know at the time when I was going to return or from where exactly I would [...]

Kick down some cash for Haiti!

Kick down some cash for Haiti! I could only afford $10, but at least its something!

Hatian-American Catherine Laine (Swarthmore 98), a personal friend, and a super hero of humanity in my opinion, is running operations for AIDG (Appropriate Infrastructure Development Group). I trust her more than I trust any of the big organizations. Remember [...]